Supergirl (Kara of Rokyn):   The Early Stories

These are the earliest fanfic stories I wrote, and they show it.  They deal with Kara's career as a wrestler on Rokyn, which she later abandoned to become an actress.  All are set in the Earth-1.5 universe.  Apologies for the writing style, especially in the early ones.  But they are part of the saga of Kara of Rokyn, and if you want to read them, we present them here.

One caution:  Certain elements in these stories may make them unsuitable for younger readers.  You have been forewarned.  Nothing here would be rated X, but some would be rated R.

That said, let's get down to the story listing.

 Ring of Fury  Supergirl agrees to a no-powers match against an old enemy turned wrestler, and finds it takes more skill than she has to prevail.

 Rematch on Rokyn   Beaten by her old rival, Supergirl returns to Rokyn, the planet colonized by survivors of Krypton, to remake herself as a wrestling warrior and face her foe in a punishing showdown match.  (This story takes place just before "Kara and the Dreamsmith".)

 Tag-Team Terror   Kara and Kal find themselves teamed in the ring against Kara's newest enemy, the deadly Lady Jasmine, and her partner.  (This story takes place after "Kara and the Dreamsmith.")

 Pain and Jasmine  (2)  (3)  (4)  Kara must overcome defeat and depression to make a comeback and forge a new life for herself after her latest encounter with Jasmine.  But her arch-rival has struck an alliance with Black Flame that may lead to an evil fate for Supergirl.  (NOTE:  This fic contains some elements that would require an "R" rating.  This story takes place just before "Zoners").